Letter to Men in Starch Uniform

13 Jul

Dear Saviors of the Nation,

Early morning of every 23rd March I would switch on television just to see YOU parade and fly in the sky. As YOU came down in parachute with the green flags, I would tell myself I wish I was a boy with a little more height, I would do the same thing in a heartbeat.

I would spend rest of the day watching Junaid Jamshed and Shoaib Mansoor  work on Pakistan Television. “Kasam us waqt ki” and “Buhut Unchi” were my two favorite songs which glorified YOUR image as a Hot, Sexy Tarzan  who would love his jungle no matter what.

And who can forget, Alpha Bravo and Charlie, my love for YOU  was at its height when I saw Gulsher dying in Bosnia and Kashif losing his legs fighting in Siachen. I cried and felt very proud of YOU.

I was a proud Pakistani  the day you tested your nuclear technology and I felt relieved when Musharraf took over the government in a military coup.

I thought Pakistan is going to change for good.

Change Happened… Indeed it did and we became more miserable than we were before.

As You gained control, people around you lost control, I never realized that someone hated YOU so much that they would be ready to butcher YOU and show your corps in public. Why do people hate YOU? What have YOU done??

After all you have won a war in 1965

In 1971 The Break Up of Pakistan wasn’t YOUR fault right? The Bengalis were unfaithful to YOU that’s why YOU punished them and they revolted against YOU.

YOU had to create Taliban to fight the soviets otherwise they could have attacked us too. The Kalashnikov culture was a byproduct, its not YOUR fault right?

YOU made us Hate India because India hates YOU too. Why would we love India when they hate YOU.

YOUR nuclear capabilities are just against India because India has it against YOU too. Who gives a damn about what the world says that a nuclear power state  is enabled to have electricity in its country and how many children die every year because all the taxes used up by YOU to build your nuclear arsenal.

You did not know OBL was in Abbotabad near PMA because you were so busy fighting the War on Terror on west and 65 year old war on east. YOU dont have developed Radars which can track mountainous regions since there are no mountains on the east right?

YOU  kill and beat journalists because they give out sensitive information about Pakistan’s security which is paramount for YOU.You never come on TV to be accountable after all what do journalists know about national security. Let the stupid journalists question the stupid politicians. They are made for each other.

You Own Free Plots in Defence because You Spend all your life Serving in Army and staying away from your beloved, of course you need a reward for that.That’s not corruption right?

I don’t understand whats your fault when you have always been there for the nation, why do people hate you.

They say Junaid Jamshed and Shoaib Mansoor’s songs were to brainwash me and men like Gulsher and Kashif don’t exist, whoever exist thinks I am  bloody Civilian

Am I a Bloody Civilian???


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