Is Zardari the Only one who needs to Change…..

4 Jul

only begins at home

Ok…before you start judging me and that thinking that I am a Zardari Supporter…Just stop, please don’t go there. I am simple person with a simple principle and that is “Make Small Changes if you can’t make the big ones” Come On guys…Think about it, there are soo much within us which needs changing rather than changing President Zardari. A lot of times we think, what we can do to bring change; this also happens to be one of the biggest discussions on TV channels. Some political parties have endorsed Revolution or so called Inquilaab as their favorite taglines in Jalsas which in my prospective is far more distant than we think it is.

Let’s all try to start an exercise today. Don’t worry it’s an easy one. We will name it The Observation Test or the TOT. TOT  just requires you to do the following things.

1. We smile Less and Frown More

When you start your day, see how many people around you smile and ask how you are. This just doesn’t require your work colleagues it requires everybody you meet, from your maid to chokidaar, rickshaw wala to a cab driver, your office boy to the security guard. You would notice there will be hardly anyone. Now you try smiling and greeting people, almost everybody you meet. Just before your sleep at night think!!…. how many people smile back at you or answered you, how many looked back at you thinking that you have lost it and how many just thought that you’re taking them to be somebody else.

2. We never put ourselves in other’s Shoe

I am sure we all encounter a lot of traffic wardens on our way to work and back home. Just take out a minute to have good look at them, it’s only a minute I am asking for. Does traffic bother you? Well meet a guy whose life is to manage traffic. Do you hate pollution and the heat which can kill you these days? Well he breathes in and out the pollution in the heat that we think can kill us.

3. We think we are classified hence why not classify!!!

How many times in a day do we classify people based upon what they wear, how they talk and where they live? I am sure all of your are aware of the UMT ( Urdu medium type) and EMT (English medium type) culture we have developed in our society. Sad isn’t it?

4. America and Jews are responsible for our failures

We all love to hate Americans and Jews, they are responsible for all our failures. Do a poll in your office as part of your TOT. Would the people who would want to move to America, Please Stand Up? You would find that we have double standards too…So let’s try to be on one side, Lets love or Hate America.

5. Yeh tou ho hi Nahi Sakta Culture

Observe people’s attitude around you…are we “A Can Do” or are we “Yeh tou Ho hi Nahi Sakta”kind of people.

6. Do we listen less and talk more

Yes we have developed that Habbit as a nation. Not only that we think we are right and the other one is wrong. Go on Keep on observing!!!!

7. Kill Diversity…Lets all be the same!!

Do we celebrate diversity or do we want everybody to be like one. Women in Hijab or Nikaab cannot be an empowered women of our society because for that she needs to let go of her dupatta and look like a girl from Bridge kay us paar…Haina? Likewise a women who doesn’t cover her head or doesn’t dresses up conservatively cannot be a religious or cultured, she has to have loose morals, she cannot be a homemaker because she wears jeans drives her own car and carry a laptop….hmmm!!!

8. Commitment means nothing to us…we are just like our tailors

Ok this one is my favorite….When me commit some work and say “YES”…it always means “Maybe”. “Yes” never mean “Yes” with us and yet we can never say “NO”, even if we think we can’t do it. Girls take your tailors for example…no matter how many clothes you want to give to your tailor,no matter how busy he is, he will never say “NO”. Infact he would say that he will be able to deliver all the clothes on particular time with uttermost commitment but does he ever deliver????? Now you know what I am talking about. The tailor mentality is everywhere is us…be it suppliers, marketeers, carpenters, electricians or even big businessman. All of us take orders but never delivers on time. Commitment Means Nothing to Us.

If you got more, Bring it on Guys and lets change ourselves first before we point fingers at others


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