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From: The Grave. To: My Nation

15 Jul

I am a Pathan

My family lives in Swat, I came to Karachi looking for work without knowing anyone in this big city, I started my struggle 6 months ago. Back in Swat I have a family, a pretty wife and four children. I want to send my children to school but really can’t afford it.

Economy in Swat is bad; there is no work due to which I came to Karachi. They say it’s a big city and everybody gets something or the other to their Naseeb. Well I came here to try my Naseeb too.

After a lot of struggle my life was finally settling down. I learnt how to drive rickshaw from my friend whom I share a small jhuggi with. He helped me out renting a rickshaw and since two months dropping people from one place to another became my daily routine.

This month for the first time I had saved some money for my family in swat. I told my wife that soon bad days would be over and eventually I would return back to her and start a small chai ka dhabba in swat.

I was going back to my Jhuggi after dropping my customers to a nearby location when They came on to my rickshaw and forcefully stopped it.

They looked at me with fierce anger in their eye and I thought what could I have possibly done. They started beating me up and throwing fuel at my rickshaw. I screamed for help but no one came and in no time my rickshaw was set on fire

I tried to get out but they would beat me even after setting me on fire with my rickshaw , I was so much in pain that I  eventually gave up.

They fled when I had no strength left in me, They fled when I stopped screaming for help. The fled when I had nothing left in me. I just wanted to ask why they did this to me.

After they left some people came and put a blanket on me but it was too late. Ambulance came and put me in grave with lots of other dead bodies.

On TV channels today they say 20 people died and I was one of them.

I was a number . Can you please tell that to my wife.

 I am a Mahajir

Its been 8 months since my graduation but this big city has no jobs. Everyday, I get up and drop dozens of resumes to various places but I don’t get any callbacks.

My dad passed away a year ago, I have 3 sisters after me. My mother keeps on saying that my sisters are my responsibility.

Getting a well-paid job is next to impossible in this big city but I had to begin so I started for looking small paid jobs and today was my lucky day. They are opening a franchise and  wanted well speaking waiters, I thought lets get started from somewhere.

I was going home at night thinking what will I tell my mom about the job. I thought I would just let her know that I have found work without mentioning my work place because she has huge expectations from me.

It was an unusual night, too silent for the big city I wanted to catch a rickshaw but then my pocket dint allow me so I decided to walk when I heard gunshots. There were crazy gunshots all around me and I had no place to hide. I tried to run as fast as I can and hid near tree when I felt something at my back, as I touched my back I felt my hands getting wet. It was blood, I was shot.

I was caught in between a crazy crossfire and as I hid behind the tree I could still hear gun shot all around me. There was no one to help and nowhere to run. I sat there and waited for the insanity to end help but it never did.

I bled out to death.

After hours the police came and took my body away. My body is kept with 10 more bodies and the TV at the police station is reporting I died with along with 20 people in the city.

I am a number, can you please tell that to my mother



Letter to Men in Starch Uniform

13 Jul

Dear Saviors of the Nation,

Early morning of every 23rd March I would switch on television just to see YOU parade and fly in the sky. As YOU came down in parachute with the green flags, I would tell myself I wish I was a boy with a little more height, I would do the same thing in a heartbeat.

I would spend rest of the day watching Junaid Jamshed and Shoaib Mansoor  work on Pakistan Television. “Kasam us waqt ki” and “Buhut Unchi” were my two favorite songs which glorified YOUR image as a Hot, Sexy Tarzan  who would love his jungle no matter what.

And who can forget, Alpha Bravo and Charlie, my love for YOU  was at its height when I saw Gulsher dying in Bosnia and Kashif losing his legs fighting in Siachen. I cried and felt very proud of YOU.

I was a proud Pakistani  the day you tested your nuclear technology and I felt relieved when Musharraf took over the government in a military coup.

I thought Pakistan is going to change for good.

Change Happened… Indeed it did and we became more miserable than we were before.

As You gained control, people around you lost control, I never realized that someone hated YOU so much that they would be ready to butcher YOU and show your corps in public. Why do people hate YOU? What have YOU done??

After all you have won a war in 1965

In 1971 The Break Up of Pakistan wasn’t YOUR fault right? The Bengalis were unfaithful to YOU that’s why YOU punished them and they revolted against YOU.

YOU had to create Taliban to fight the soviets otherwise they could have attacked us too. The Kalashnikov culture was a byproduct, its not YOUR fault right?

YOU made us Hate India because India hates YOU too. Why would we love India when they hate YOU.

YOUR nuclear capabilities are just against India because India has it against YOU too. Who gives a damn about what the world says that a nuclear power state  is enabled to have electricity in its country and how many children die every year because all the taxes used up by YOU to build your nuclear arsenal.

You did not know OBL was in Abbotabad near PMA because you were so busy fighting the War on Terror on west and 65 year old war on east. YOU dont have developed Radars which can track mountainous regions since there are no mountains on the east right?

YOU  kill and beat journalists because they give out sensitive information about Pakistan’s security which is paramount for YOU.You never come on TV to be accountable after all what do journalists know about national security. Let the stupid journalists question the stupid politicians. They are made for each other.

You Own Free Plots in Defence because You Spend all your life Serving in Army and staying away from your beloved, of course you need a reward for that.That’s not corruption right?

I don’t understand whats your fault when you have always been there for the nation, why do people hate you.

They say Junaid Jamshed and Shoaib Mansoor’s songs were to brainwash me and men like Gulsher and Kashif don’t exist, whoever exist thinks I am  bloody Civilian

Am I a Bloody Civilian???

Is Zardari the Only one who needs to Change…..

4 Jul

only begins at home

Ok…before you start judging me and that thinking that I am a Zardari Supporter…Just stop, please don’t go there. I am simple person with a simple principle and that is “Make Small Changes if you can’t make the big ones” Come On guys…Think about it, there are soo much within us which needs changing rather than changing President Zardari. A lot of times we think, what we can do to bring change; this also happens to be one of the biggest discussions on TV channels. Some political parties have endorsed Revolution or so called Inquilaab as their favorite taglines in Jalsas which in my prospective is far more distant than we think it is.

Let’s all try to start an exercise today. Don’t worry it’s an easy one. We will name it The Observation Test or the TOT. TOT  just requires you to do the following things.

1. We smile Less and Frown More

When you start your day, see how many people around you smile and ask how you are. This just doesn’t require your work colleagues it requires everybody you meet, from your maid to chokidaar, rickshaw wala to a cab driver, your office boy to the security guard. You would notice there will be hardly anyone. Now you try smiling and greeting people, almost everybody you meet. Just before your sleep at night think!!…. how many people smile back at you or answered you, how many looked back at you thinking that you have lost it and how many just thought that you’re taking them to be somebody else.

2. We never put ourselves in other’s Shoe

I am sure we all encounter a lot of traffic wardens on our way to work and back home. Just take out a minute to have good look at them, it’s only a minute I am asking for. Does traffic bother you? Well meet a guy whose life is to manage traffic. Do you hate pollution and the heat which can kill you these days? Well he breathes in and out the pollution in the heat that we think can kill us.

3. We think we are classified hence why not classify!!!

How many times in a day do we classify people based upon what they wear, how they talk and where they live? I am sure all of your are aware of the UMT ( Urdu medium type) and EMT (English medium type) culture we have developed in our society. Sad isn’t it?

4. America and Jews are responsible for our failures

We all love to hate Americans and Jews, they are responsible for all our failures. Do a poll in your office as part of your TOT. Would the people who would want to move to America, Please Stand Up? You would find that we have double standards too…So let’s try to be on one side, Lets love or Hate America.

5. Yeh tou ho hi Nahi Sakta Culture

Observe people’s attitude around you…are we “A Can Do” or are we “Yeh tou Ho hi Nahi Sakta”kind of people.

6. Do we listen less and talk more

Yes we have developed that Habbit as a nation. Not only that we think we are right and the other one is wrong. Go on Keep on observing!!!!

7. Kill Diversity…Lets all be the same!!

Do we celebrate diversity or do we want everybody to be like one. Women in Hijab or Nikaab cannot be an empowered women of our society because for that she needs to let go of her dupatta and look like a girl from Bridge kay us paar…Haina? Likewise a women who doesn’t cover her head or doesn’t dresses up conservatively cannot be a religious or cultured, she has to have loose morals, she cannot be a homemaker because she wears jeans drives her own car and carry a laptop….hmmm!!!

8. Commitment means nothing to us…we are just like our tailors

Ok this one is my favorite….When me commit some work and say “YES”…it always means “Maybe”. “Yes” never mean “Yes” with us and yet we can never say “NO”, even if we think we can’t do it. Girls take your tailors for example…no matter how many clothes you want to give to your tailor,no matter how busy he is, he will never say “NO”. Infact he would say that he will be able to deliver all the clothes on particular time with uttermost commitment but does he ever deliver????? Now you know what I am talking about. The tailor mentality is everywhere is us…be it suppliers, marketeers, carpenters, electricians or even big businessman. All of us take orders but never delivers on time. Commitment Means Nothing to Us.

If you got more, Bring it on Guys and lets change ourselves first before we point fingers at others