The way I saw “BOL”

25 Jun

Do you know what happens when much created hype fails to deliver… Well Shoaib Mansoor’s “BOL” is a perfect example. For next couple of weeks or may be months you would see unlimited headline coverage and promos of “BOL” with subtitles and voice overs saying…” ITS RUNNING SUCCESSFULLY ALL OVER”…but I will have my serious doubts in long run.

I am not a film Critic neither a Film Maker but as a viewer, I have some serious fundamental issues associated with the screenplay of “BOL”

The handle of the movie deals with a basic issue Pakistan faces and that is how in the name of religion and culture or simply in the name of ” Beta Chaiye” population growth gets so called logical grounds. In my opinion its a topic well picked, however i disagree with some of the followings;

Firstly, why do we label that women in chaddar, nikab or hijab cannot be empowered. The movie potrays that; in the begining and towards the end. Why does a woman have to let go of her chaddar and get into “Defence Style Jhubbas” to look all empowered???

There are three more issues addressed in the movie, the treatment of eunuch, the shia sunni conflict and the role of prostitute in our society. However, all these three issues did not seem to have any connection with each other. They felt as if they were in three separate boxes.

Last but not the least, the thing which surprised me the most came towards the end of the movie when a journalist trys to save life of a girl by trying to wake the president up in the middle of the night saying ” Mera dil Kheta hai kay woh Mausum hai”. 

I am not a hardcore journalist yet, but I am sure my journalist friends would agree with me when I say that a journalist’s job is to make claims based on research and concrete evidence rather than what her DIL says. This was surprising dialogue considering the Pakistan’s biggest News Network funded the movie.

Recently, when I covered “Film Ki Kahani” in “Paisa Kahani”, I learnt that film industry in any country exist on two major school of thoughts. First being that every film has to have a mass appeal for it to be Successful, on the other hand some believed that for an industry to be successful, one need to have all kinds of movies which necessarily might not cater to the masses.

Now my question to you is which category does movies like “KHUDA KAY LIYE” and “BOL” falls in? Are these movies made for audiences in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad or they are made keeping the entire Pakistan in mind even though the film maker tries to address issues appealing the masses.

According to Express News Senior Entertainment Journalist Tahir Serwar Mir “Khuda Kay Liye” got funding worth Rs 11 Crore and at Box Office it made only Rs.5 Crore.Thats a huge loss by any standards but we still know that “Khuda Kay Liye” was a huge success. We will have to wait and watch “BOL” as another case study without believing on promos and headlines says for next fews weeks or may be months.

My point is not to criticize the movies made in Pakistan, all I am trying to say is that in order to make Pakistan Film Industry successful, the movie makers have to derive a plan in which they see returns on their investments made, only than Pakistan Film Industry can truly stand on its own.


Looking Forward For Your Thoughts


One Response to “The way I saw “BOL””

  1. Faheem Ahmed July 18, 2011 at 10:54 am #

    I have watched Bol and I agree with you on many points. The movie should have restricted its plot to not more than two issues rather than trying desperately to cover a multitude of issues, and that too, by keeping all of them bound by a very loose string. Personally, I expected a lot more from Shoaib Mansoor, whose best ever venture was ABC. Bol was even worse off than KKL, which did not concentrate on so many issues.

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